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Bank Balance Projection

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Bank Balance Projection

Postby Sisyphus » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:21 pm

Enter today’s date and balance. Enter the desired reach and, at the click of a button, this little tool will show you how your bank or credit card balance will develop over the next couple of months under the influence of recurring items of revenue and expenditure.
To set up a list of recurring posts takes but a few minutes. You can include non-recurring and estimated items, too. There is a tab for concise ‘Help’.
Maintenance requirements are near zero. Just update the actual balance once in a while. Outdated items will be removed, new items will be added. Review any estimates, add any non-recurring items, and go back to enjoy your life.

This isn’t an accounting tool. Accounts deal with the past. This tool concerns itself with the future.
It can easily be adapted to project balances for inventory levels, too.

Open the attached Example workbook to see a demonstration. On the ‘Projection’ tab, enter today’s date and press the ‘Update’ button.
Use the template workbook, also attached, to create your own workbooks. Use a different workbook for each balance you need to keep an eye on. For technical reasons the template is attached as a zipped file. You can also create your own template file by deleting all recurring entries from the 'Posts' worksheet of the Example workbook and saving it with an xlt or xltm extension.
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