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How to Remove Duplicates Using Advance Filter

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How to Remove Duplicates Using Advance Filter

Postby krishnap2w2 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:18 pm

How to Remove Duplicates Using Advance Filter?

Removing duplicates is one of the important tasks, when we work with database in excel. Many times you encounter a situation where you need to remove duplicate records/data. In the following article we tried explaining you ‘How to remove duplicates using Advanced Filter’, hope this articles helps you!

1 Data before removing duplicates.

2 Data after removing duplicates.

Let us follow step by step process for removing duplicates using Advanced Filter.

1 Select a cell in your data set and choose Data from menu.

2 Select Filter and select Advanced from Sort and Filter group.

3 Advanced Filter dialogue box appears.

4 Enter the range of data containing duplicates in the box provided for List range.
Here the List range is ‘$B$3:$C$16’.

5 Check the box Unique Records Only and click OK.
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