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Division by 1000 using Cell Format

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Division by 1000 using Cell Format

Postby Kevin UK » Fri May 23, 2014 4:16 pm

To display a number as 1/1000 of its actual value (divided by 1000) in any cell you can use the comma in the cell format.

For example, where the cell value = 5760000
  • apply the Custom cell format #,##0, (with a trailing comma) to display 5,760
  • apply the Custom cell format #,##0,, (with 2 trailing commas) to display 5.76
The cell value isn't altered by the display format.
This is very useful for balance sheets where millions and billions need to be converted to readable numbers.

To set a Custom format click Format -> Format Cells -> Number (tab) -> Custom
Type the format in the Type field.

To do the same thing in a pivot table, right click a cell in a column that you wish to format, select Value field settings then number. Apply the formatting that you require.

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