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Repairing a corrupt or damaged Excel file

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Repairing a corrupt or damaged Excel file

Postby markwillium » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:30 am

Microsoft Excel offers an automatic recovery option for corrupt or damaged files. It simultaneously opens & repairs excel file when it finds corruption in the file. If automatic recovery fails to repair corrupt files due to some reasons then it try to open corrupt excel files without formating. You may able to see your data. It has been observed that in some circumstances Excel does not goes in recovery mode; at this scenarios you can manually repair your corrupt files.

Manual Repair: Follow below steps to repair a corrupt Excel file manually:

    Go-to the File menu and click on the Open button.
    Now select your corrupt file that you want to open.
    Click on the arrow sign next to the open button.
    Now select Open & Repair option from the list.

Additional Methods: If manual repair also fails to recover your data then try below additional methods.

Try to open on another machine
If you will be able to open your file on another machine then there is a problem with your MS Office. You can fix this issue by repairing MS Office program from control panel.

Try Open or Libre Office
Open and Libre office are free programs, these programs may open your files.

Try WordPad
WordPad converts everything in text. With the help of this you may able to recover your text data.

3rd Party Excel Repair Program
There are so many excel repair program available on the Internet. You can choose any one from the list that suite your requirement & budget. Sometime before I have brought Stellar Phoenix Excel recovery, cost me a bit but working very well in the most of the corruption cases. The best thing is that it is a one time payment and used it for lifetime.
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