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Add Help To Your Worksheets

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Add Help To Your Worksheets

Postby Sisyphus » Wed May 15, 2013 4:17 pm

This program was written for a workbook with a dozen different worksheets, where the Help tells the user what to do and not to do on each one. The system consists of a library of numbered paragraphs of help text, a list of such numbers associated with each sheet, and a button on each worksheet that displays or deletes the paragraphs listed for it. Both the lists and the paragraphs are on a single tab which is easy to modify if one knows how to access it. You will find help on this in the attached sample workbook. To install the system in your own project please follow these steps:-
  1. Copy the worksheet HlpLib to your workbook.
    Use the Move or Copy command from the menu that opens on right-clicking the tab. Copy/Paste won’t do because you need both the worksheet’s structure and the code behind it. If your workbook didn’t have any code before, remember that it must now be saved as macro enabled, with an xlsm extension in Excel 2007 or later.
    (Yes, this program is also suitable for use in Excel 2003.)
  2. Drag two code modules to your project.
    In the Project Explorer window of the VB Editor drag the code modules HelpMan and Utilities into your own project. There are other ways of doing this, but dragging is the quickest and easiest.
  3. Copy the code from the ThisWorkbook class module.
    Here, Copy/Paste is just the method to use. Paste it into your own workbook’s ThisWorkbook class module.
    If your workbook already had a procedure by the name of Private Sub Workbook_Open() just add the single line of code from this project into your existing procedure at the bottom of whatever code is already there, just above the End Sub. Paste the other procedure at the bottom or top of the code sheet.
  4. Done.
    You can now enjoy the program’s full functionality in your own project.
    However, I suggest you keep the HlpLib worksheet’s own Help texts even as you delete those for Sheet1 and start adding your own texts.

NB. This project was first posted on May 12, removed on May 14 and put up again on May 15.
The original code created an error when run in Excel 2010, but not in Excel 2003. The problem was resolved by modifying the procedure 'RemoveHelp'. If you down-loaded the original file you may wish to extract the new version of this procedure from the workbook attached here.

A simplified and improved version of this program was published here at the following link.

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