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Postby Sisyphus » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:50 pm

A while ago I wrote quite a sophisticated program for adding Help to a workbook. It is posted on this site.
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The program I wish to introduce here is both simpler and more advanced. Advanced because it was written later and, therefore, incorporates whatever I learned while doing the first program. It is simpler because it will work equally well in a workbook with a single worksheet or a dozen. Click to see the Help. Click again to make it disappear. Fully customizable, for use in any language.

To install it in your project just drag the four code modules, "Admin', 'Declarations', 'HelpMan' and 'Utilities' to your own project and paste this code in to the code module of each worksheet where you have set up Help.
Code: Select all
Private Sub CmdHelp_Click()
    '' 7.8001 V 1.0
    CmdHelpClick CmdHelp
End Sub

In order to set up Help in your worksheet, copy the button from the attached workbook and paste it into your own sheet. You need to turn on 'Design Mode' (on the 'Developer' tab) in order to select, copy, or move the button. If you make your own be sure to call it CmdHelp. You can have several buttons by the same name in the same workbook, but only one per worksheet.

Next, insert a number of blank rows in your worksheet, below the first row. In column A of the last inserted row write End of Help. Format B3:C3 with the font you like. Select the font color and the fill color. Make B3 bold and underscored, but not C3. Type a caption in B3 and a text in C3. Continue in B4 and C4 - for as long as you need. Finally, click on the button. You may have to do it twice for the first time, but after what you have typed has disappeared and reappeared it will be all nicely formatted to match the column widths in your worksheet.

The whole program was designed to be easy, and it is. Have fun with it. Let me know how it might be improved.
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Have a great day! :D

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