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update sheet 1 with new info if sheet 2 has it

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update sheet 1 with new info if sheet 2 has it

Postby Beattle Juice » Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:58 pm

i have been searching now for a few days trying to figure this out with no luck so if anybody can help with this thank you very much
sheet 2 is linked to a workbook and automatically up dates on set intervals the sheet it updates from is a csv file made by another program so it kind of needs to stay with it layout
both of of these sheets (sheet 2) <-- not real name and the .csv file get new data added everyday 2 to say 10 ( but unlikely ) rows of data
the data is put in A8 to Q8
A8 is a no. based on how many blood test have been taken...A8 is always the last blood test taken.. most recent folowed with other data in B8 date C8 time D8 results ect to Q8
A at row 433 starts at 1 counts up so now at A8 it has 426 so if on a typical day it was to update tomorrow with 4 test A will shift down to start at row 437 being 1 and A8 will be 430

what i need is for when the linked csv gets this new data i can tell sheet one to update by clicking a macro button and to first add new rows to sheet 1 and then copy new data in A:Q row 8 and down But
not change any data after Q ...other than to move it down by the amount of new rows inserted

i hope i am making some sort of sense and again thanks for any help with this

i think i need a VBA code something of the like forgive me i am trying to learn VBA
if A8 ( CSV Import Mech Sheet Copy to ) <-- Sheet where i need new data copied to < Less Than A8 (CSV Import J Data Entery ) <-- Sheet where i need new data copied from
insert row. copy Row. A8 (CSV Import J Data Entery )
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