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Update data source for multiple pivot tables as a group?

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Update data source for multiple pivot tables as a group?

Postby bzager2 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:56 pm

I have an Excel 2010 file where I've created multiple pivot tables on a single worksheet using the same data source. Then I have another worksheet with multiple pivot tables created from a second data source. (I use equations to pull the answers from the many pivot tables into a report.) I overwrite the data sources with the new data files and refresh all to update the pivot tables and the report. I've gotten to the point where my data file has more rows than my original pivot table data source. I can update each pivot table separately to change the data source and change the number of columns but I have a lot of pivot tables. Is there a way to change the data source for a group of pivot tables at one time? (I want to update the source of all the pivot tables on one worksheet at a time as the other tabs refer to other data sources.) Can anyone help me?
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