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Pivot Chart created from PowerPivot not sorting correctly

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Pivot Chart created from PowerPivot not sorting correctly

Postby lxd » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:34 pm

I have the results from a PowerPivot model for which I need to chart. Very simple. I want to sort by month - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc....I show the month in numeric format as well as alpha in my PowerPivot results, so I sort by numeric month. Within PowerPivot, I click on create pivot chart. When I look at my chart in Excel, I lose the sort, so the chart sorts in alpha. I fix this by bringing the numeric month on the chart, but then I don't want to display the number. How can I either hide the number on my pivot chart, or be able to create the chart so I don't have to display the numeric month but still sort by month?

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