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Automatically copy data in next sheet (Formated)

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Automatically copy data in next sheet (Formated)

Postby mohammedkhan » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:07 am

Hello, i want to print ID card of all members whos data is entering in Sheet1 i have formated sheet2 so i want data which i enter in sheet one each line should come in sheet 2 individually so that i can print cards from formated sheet2. below examples
Name Company name Mobile Number
XYZ asfdsdf 30439403
ZZZ werwesf 242314234
ABC asdfwerqwer 9889863

when i type xyz next sheet should also take xyz and i will take print, again when i type zzz sheet2 should take only zzz not above line xyz
Name Company name Mobile Number
XYZ asfdsdf 30439403
it should come like this, than i can take id print out again when in sheet1 i enter next row it should come only next row but not first one. please help
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Re: Automatically copy data in next sheet (Formated)

Postby Shashank » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:36 pm

please note the file enclosed, you will see two sheets, where in first sheet is the data as directed by you and second sheet is the card. you have to select the drop down menu to select the name of the card or person you need to print, then the card format will update the required details

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